100 Miles to Destiny

100 Miles to Destiny
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An Olympic race, an international cast of characters, an unforgettable story Miles to Destiny takes the reader to an endurance event like no other. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Willis McCarthy is a chemistry instructor and cross country Miles to Destiny - Kindle edition by Willis McCarthy.

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Anyway, what followed were six months of precise training, multiple freakouts and doubting my ability to finish. Experience in promos required. The hope is that the program will generate not only an interest in physical activity, but an understanding of its importance to lifelong health, regardless of whether an individual students logs miles. The idea is to teach fans, in graphic detail, how driving patterns affect the amount of fuel they use. A third member, Thomas Pasko, owns an automotive repair shop in Springfield. Converting the efficiency of other fuels to a gasoline equivalent is a straightforward matter of measuring how many BTUs a vehicle burns per mile. ABC freshman black-ish rose.

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E-mail Trish cynopsis. Are you looking for a job? To subscribe to any Cynopsis edition s click here. To unsubscribe from this edition, click here. The fartlek lasted about 4. Week 1 Total Mileage: Summer Total: Now into week two, running became easier because official practice started for our cross country team so it was mentally easier because I now didn't have to run solo.

Also since I didn't fall completely out of shape, the mileage build up is faster and easier than last year. Things are starting to feel easier. Later that evening went out for another 30 min run. Nice temperature so it didn't affect the workout and ran these around s to s on our dirt trail and then later that evening went on a 4 mile run. Felt accomplished after the workouts today. We went to a Big Bear in California where the elevation was anywhere from 6, to 9, ft.

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Surprisingly I didn't feel affected by the elevation so the workout went smoothly. Later that day we did a scavenger hunt run which was around 3. And of course the girls won and we received our beloved donuts the following day. Today I did a 9 mile run but the it was 3. Later ran 5 miles discovery run.

Afternoon was a fun "cross training" workout being to walk up to the water slides many many times and slide down. Coming into this week I knew it was going to be difficult to run going on vacation and I tried to my best and get the most amount of runs ins with the amount of activities and plans I had there, so this week unintentionally the mileage went down. This run was a little difficult because of the adjustment to now a lower elevation and started to feel sick.

Rested afternoon to feel better. I continued to move forward, the sun bearing down, drinking purely to thirst. My handler here was a plus-year-young lady who totally rocked.

100 Miles to Destiny: A Novel on Running

She filled my bottles while we chatted about where I was and I was being sprayed down with ice-cold water. My Handler: Did you get something to eat? My Handler: You should eat a potato or two. It will help with the acid in your stomach. I reluctantly took two bites out of the potato that was handed to me. I remember giving this woman a hug and thanking her for all her help as I turned towards the trail again.

Me: Nope, tell me. Me: completely involuntary Ugh! My Handler: You better finish. The next 4 miles were a rude awakening. I remember running when out of nowhere I was suddenly spiraling down technical, single-track trail with a steep drop on one side. From behind me, I heard a runner approaching — fast. My quads were screaming from the decent as I reached the bottom of the canyon.

Let me try again to explain the climb. This is when I reminded myself not to rush and to take my time.

I focused on my heart rate and stopped to regulate my breathing multiple times before I started to hike up again. A little disoriented, I made a B-line for a chair. I sat there collecting myself as more runners made their way to where I was.

1 Gallon of Gas, 100 Miles — $10 Million: The Race to Build the Supergreen Car

One female runner came up and sat to my right while two volunteers huddled over her. All I heard was this woman bawling uncontrollably and refusing to continue as the volunteers tried to calm her down. That was my cue. I got myself up and took off running before my handler came back to check on me.

But first I had to run a section of trail infested with mosquitoes and gnats. I ran back to get the bug spray out from his pack, sprayed myself and him, placed the spray back in his pack and was soon hiking up the trail with a thank you and good luck.

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It was three minutes past 8 p. I slapped on my headlamp, and with Julie by my side, started up again. I got an update from Julie on who was leading and where all the other elite runners were in the race. I ran every downhill with Julie close behind me. A couple of miles later, it was time to turn on the headlamp.

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I cruised through the last canyon before making the climb up Bath Road. We came to a fork in the road, and Julie and I went right, completely missing the course marker. As we hiked further along, I noticed writing on the road in the light of our headlamps. There were cheers, funny sayings and inspirational quotes written in chalk. Rounding out on to the pavement as we made our way to Forest Hill, I was feeling a bit sluggish again.

Rucky Chucky 78 Miles to Green Gate I get sluggish, and slowing down is inevitable, as was the case here. Somewhere around 70 miles, my headlamp began to flash, signaling a low battery. This is when I realized my mistake. Panic set in. I turned to Julie, explaining what had happened. She calmly replied that she had a flashlight that would get us to Green Gate. Unsettled, I decided to run hard until my headlamp gave out, Julie following close behind me. Neither of us missed a beat as we powered through the next 3 miles.

Then, my headlamp finally went dark. How could I be so stupid? How could I have forgotten to grab my battery pack? I had two extra battery packs. As fatigue and frustration set in, I was reduced to hiking and jogging here and there in the low glow of the flashlight. I was so caught up getting mad at myself that I barely noticed our arrival at Rucky Chucky.

Within seconds, we were put in life vests, given glow stick necklaces and told to hold on tight to the rope spanning the American River.

Is Quitting Genetic Or Can You Control Your Destiny?

Julie led the way as the volunteers guided us across. For the first time it became real. I was 78 miles in, crossing the iconic river at Rucky Chucky. Everything else was a blur until we got to Green Gate. Green Gate